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A Guide To Choosing Office Furniture in Singapore

Imagine it is a Monday! After all the self-motivation that went into getting up and going to the office, when you finally reach and sit on your creaky uncomfortable chair and stare at the peeling paint on the wall, all the motivation just vanishes! When you are spending nine hours at your workplace, five days a week, your office becomes your second home. And no one would like to come to a messy and unkempt place.

First impressions matter. Be it clients, vendors or employees, the appearance of office matters. Office furniture creates a whole vibe, which would further motivate the employees to work to their heart’s content. Investing in your workplace can be one of the best professional decisions that you make.

It can be a daunting task to design an office and to ensure that it mirrors the brand/company identity and personality. Furniture and aesthetics can make all the difference. Furniture and fixtures matter a lot to make working fun for the employees. Essential furniture can include the basic chairs and desks, workstations, a common work desk to conduct meetings, storage spaces, smartboards, printers, scanners and copy machines, among others. However, with an array of options to choose from, while planning the interior of office space, various factors must be taken into consideration to get your money’s worth.

  1. The Art of Aesthetics: Gone are those days when office furniture used to be the mundane brown monotonous wooden fixtures. Office furniture should reflect the company vision. The entire look of the office, as you would have seen at any workplace in Singapore, should have a space that motivates the employees and plays a vital role in your success. An aesthetically beautiful workplace attracts clients and helps retain top talent. Many start-ups are breaking the formal stereotype and are resorting to pop-culture aesthetics that work wonders.
  2. The Science of Ergonomics: The science of designing a workplace by including the priorities of the employees and factoring in furniture that meets their needs is called ergonomics. Employees have different physical structures. More flexible the furniture, more comfortable will the employees be. Having furniture that agrees with them goes a long way. In offices around Singapore, adjustable desks and chairs help employees be productive and help them maintain proper posture, thus, looking after their well-being. So, the office chairs you opt for should factor in features like an adjustable seat depth, height, armrest, headrest and back recline.
  3. Multi-functionality: To make the most of your budget, pieces of furniture can be purchased which have multiple utilities. For instance, offices in Singapore use lounge furniture for meeting spaces or for co-workers to collaborate and brainstorm together. Also, consider including lightweight furniture so that they can be moved around the office easily whenever needed. Tables should be flexible to be used either as a desk or for presentations, training programs, strategising, and brainstorming, among other uses.
  4. Warranty: When you invest in office furniture in Singapore, the warranty period is of utmost importance. Choose furniture that is backed by dependable warranties to ensure that any issue with the furniture will be dealt with quickly, effectively and affordably. Understanding the performance of furniture before using it can be tricky and confusing. You don’t know whether sunlight will discolour your desk or if the chair will be uncomfortable for someone despite it looking perfect. So, what does it take to claim a warranty? Always believe that the better the warranty, the more reliable is the furniture. A credible furniture provider will always offer a comprehensive warranty at no extra cost and the salesperson will also not hesitate to put the same down on paper.
  5. Budget: It is a general perception that higher the price of furniture, the more reliable and durable it will be. But also, be wary of overpaying. Know your needs. Invest in a chair or table that will be used to its maximum capacity and that will last for at least 5-10 years. More features and customizations mean more charges. Also, the choice of the final finished look can impact the final cost significantly. If you choose to upgrade from plastic to a polished aluminium look, or from upholstery to leather, the cost of the furniture can be as much as double. For desks, there are two common types of finishes used in offices across Singapore - laminate and veneer. Although the look of veneer touch is unparalleled, it is considered a premium option. Laminate is a lower cost and lower maintenance option. Thus, spend according to what your budget allows as this is a decision that will stay with you for a long time.
  6. Durability has a price: Since you are investing in furniture for the long term, you might as well put in a good amount to ensure that the furniture lasts. Many business owners in Singapore usually opt for teak over wooden furniture as it lasts a lot longer and is resistant to termite. Also, many businesses are shifting towards metal furniture as a safety precaution as it is flame-resistant as compared to wood, plastic, fabric and leather furniture.
  7. The layout of the office: The physical layout is very important and depends primarily on the construct of the space available. Apart from your private space, offices in and around Singapore have expanded to lounges, conference rooms and shared spaces. While designing your modern office space, you would have to factor them all in. On one hand, the new generation may choose an open office design where workstations are positioned in various configurations. On the other hand, the traditional idea of a layout refers to the cubicle system where everyone has their own private space.

Put your best foot forward when it comes to creating a dynamic office space that speaks with the employees and boosts their productivity, and hits the right note with clients. Would you compromise if it was the interior of your house? No, right? Treat your office the same way and see how it adds to your brand persona. With unique aesthetics and practical office furniture options available in Singapore, you are bound to deliver an outstanding experience that will help your business grow.